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Latest !!! Winners of the Sexy Archaeologists 2009

This all-female-except-for-the-one-guy-in-the-front crew is setting a standard in Sexy Archaeology! We?re not sure how effective their screening methods are, but their ability to look good in safety wear is unrivaled!

[Image: Sexy_1-1023x6681.jpg]

For really I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest he
Thomas Rainborough 1647
Hmmm. I wonder if the Utah location is a significant factor with regard to the male/female ratio here?
every single one of the people in this photo should be ashamed of themselves.

what is this doing for women in archaeology, except reducing us to the lowest common denominator, again?? congratulations to the girls for all being very pretty and everything, and i agree with the concept of if-you've-got-it-flaunt-it, why not? but at the same time, this stupid photo is not as harmless as it seems to be. and i'm not even a feminist! women are good at all kinds of things on site, apart from being purely decorative, and it pisses me off that these girls felt it was necessary to once again highlight thethe fact that they have a vagina as being something noteworthy in the context of their chosen profession.

totally, totally, UNSEXY.
Ooh, I think that qualifies as a dangerous opinion of ones own!

my response is here:

and here:

I'm surprised this has passed by unchallenged, and I look forward to reading any comments.
Taint funny to see this staged view of 'sexy' technicians.

1- I don't wear white in the field because I actually work and therefore I get dirty.

2- I don't need a push up bra, thank you very much. Good genes.

3- I don't know any female archaeologist who wear torn denim skirts. I can afford decent clothes to work in and I want to protect my legs from poison ivy, thorns, crawling things, snakes (even the fantasy whip girl wears thigh-high boots-David (blog site) you are naughty!)... you know the kinds of things one encounters when in the field but then I don't own a ten-inch trowel to blind all living things when they approach.

4- I don't usually get to work in a soft bedded clearing with a convenient log to rest my weary clipboard. I am usually slogging a few miles through thicket or rugged terrain or in and out of canyons so I leave my 'cowboy boots' at home, along with my tailored safety vest as I wear mine to keep dumb hunters from shooting at me.

5- If I wore sleveless low-necked tops and were to be photographed 'as sexy', I be darned sure I wasn't so pasty looking, but wait... if I work outdoors in Utah in early September I might have a bit of a healthy pallor being out in the desert. Wouldn't I?

6-Utah crew?

I just hope that the photo is depicting a fieldschool group and not folks on a paying project. Yes, women in the US do face discrimination, also. The photo doesn't help the situation. And I would ask who is judging the 'sexy competition'? If I were one of the people in the photo, I might think twice if I were considering archaeology as a career not a summer camp and had this photo as above viewed around the globe. This image will be around a long time, think about that when they go for their next job interview.
we don't know what we don't know
Surely its all a bit of fun.
If guys had done the same would you have had the same reaction??
Well if you ever need a judge for these female competitions... count me in! }Smile
Hi Chaps
The most unseemly part of the whole thing is that woman's trowel, Look at the size of it:0! It's unatural that's what it is.
It made me chuckle. It's nice to have something a bit light-hearted on the site, it all feels a bit 'doom and gloom' at the moment. I would kill for an archaeology job but don't begrudge anyone on site a bit of a laugh. I'm sure that isn't their regular dig wear either.
Ive stated before about archaeology improving its public image.
Imagine how many pumped up "testosterone" young males in their prime of their life would become archaeologists
if this was how everyone dressed! Smile

P.s. This is a joke you know!
garybrun Wrote:Ive stated before about archaeology improving its public image.

That?s fair enough ? but perhaps metal detecting also need to improve its public image. Imagine how many pumped up ?oestrogen? young females in their prime of life would become metal detectorists if you posted up a few suggestive shots dry humping a shovel?

What?s good for the goose is good for the gander, but the parallel universe in which this could ever happen would be very very sick.

Also Gary ? I?ve always wondered ? how do you stop the metal detector detecting your genital piercings?

PS. This is a joke you know! (Although entirely inappropriate for a public forum, because it reduces you to a sex organ, and then implies this has a bearing on your work/hobby).

And I feckin hate feminism!

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