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chartered status
Can anyone explain the rules/regulations governoring an organisation achieving chartered status?

Is there, for example, a body one goes to to apply?

What is the criteria?

Quote:quote:Originally posted by muddy

Can anyone explain the rules/regulations governoring an organisation achieving chartered status?

I'd take that as a no then, Muddy!Big Grin

We owe the dead nothing but the truth.
I guess, just wondering as people keep on suggesting the IFA goes chartered [?]Smile
Chartered status for a profession, such as archaeology, would be granted through application to the Privy Council. The Charter is in effect a Royal Charter.

Prior to the granting of Chartered status the PC would normally agree with the applicant body the levels of qualification and monitoring measures required to maintain the chartered standard. Most applicant bodies also need to represent the majority of individuals in the appropriate professional field or show reason why the profession should be regulated through a Chartered body. A vote requiring the affirmation of a fixed percentage of members of the applicant body is also normally part of the deal.

Royal Charters can also be withdrawn.

Apologies in advance if this mail should cause anyone offence ....trying my hardest to stick to the AUP

The IFA tried to get chartered status many years ago when it was first set up and I think was turned down.

The main advantage is that there would be control on who could practise as with lawyers, teachers, doctors or nurses.

With the planning system and the historic environment being in a state of flux I think there could be difficulties with such a situation. Similarly there has been a relaxation of the "closed shop" that such professions create.

Peter Wardle

(Kevin just the sort of message I like on a hot sunny afternoon when I really should be sat at my computer).

Look people, we all would like chartered status, but it aint gonna happen, so just forget about it!

I'm not sure that ruling chartered status out at this stage is particularly open minded. A quick search throws up that in 1997 the IFA was considering chartered status, but no more than that. If, as Dr Pete says, there is a swing against chartered institutes of all types, fair enough, but if this is anything to go by:
maybe the IFA stands a chance.

Of the Clan Sutton
There has certainly been a watering down of the concept of "professionalism" that came about with the political dogma of the 1980's. Totally misunderstanding the principle, it was seen as a restrictive practice or closed shop, and the fee scale procedure was made illegal. This was intended to to "open up" the professions to competition, lower costs and drive up standards through competition - those of you over 30 will recall the idea. Of course it had the reverse effect and seriously drove standards down: in the case of architects, whereas previously a firm would be selected on its track record and excellence in a particular field, as the fees wouyld be the same for all firms, they are now primarily selected on a fee bid. Consequently the entire design and to a much greater extent the production information stages are squeezed as much as possible leading to a lower quality and loss of detail, and much more making it up as you go along on site.

The culture and philosophy of the 80's has largely endured wit hthe result that everyone believes that cheapest is best.

I love the smell of ranting in the morning!Big Grin

We owe the dead nothing but the truth.

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