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Wow changes!
Have I just noticed something that's been there for ages or is the messageboard acquiring new features? (I'm a trained observer after allWink)

Is this a foretaste of BAJR mk II? Whats a sticky topic? Dying to know... or maybe just bored writing this report.
Keeps changing in front of me eyes...thought I was ill for a bit.
Got all excited until I realized only moderators can mess with most of this stuff. Better left to the grown ups I suppose.Wink
It's a bit humbling that my online being can be terminated with a single keystroke by the moderator Gods.[:0]

I'll be good.
A sticky topic is a chocolate bar that has melted on your dash board, I'd imagine.
Got a brilliant a day as a moderator! What fun you could have...!
Ooh no, such Godlike power should not be given to mere mortals. Well not me at least.
WOW New shiney stuff!! Like the 'whos online bit' - but what are anonymous members & guests (Lurkers?)Big Grin
Disagree Mercenary. I would love to abuse it and fall fowl of the Gods.
BAJR II is coming...

watch this...

but most links on top and side do not work yet... have to wait a couple more weeks

Another day another WSI?

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