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Has anyone actually worked for archpeople?
Am quite intrigued by how archpeople works and if it really pays the amounts it claims.

Has anyone got a job through them? And if so are they any good?

Got mates all over the place and noone has actually worked for them or is in a company that uses them - is the company opperational? I know one bajr they say they are but im unconvinced

Am tempted to sign up but an still very wary this is someone with big ideas and no actual client base
Every company has got to start somewhere!!

AGency concept is very common throughout UK. An archaeological agency will give people stable employment with one employer. Give it a go, you have nothing to lose. You do not have to accept assignments that are offered to you.
It is not a however not a dead cert that you will have work all the time.

As you say, people have to start somewhere.... but perhaps a working website would be a good start. Wink

Another day another WSI?
True.. Not to poor cold water on the idea, but it does seem abit too distant. In other industries agencies work on a town/area basis. Archpeople have taken the bold step to cover the whole country!

Good for them.

Watch this space...
Are they planning on taking a cut of our wages? BAJR doesnt and is already widely used.

I would guess that they don't take a cut, but charge the client (contractor) a higer rate.

So if you were to get ?290 a week then the contractor would be charged more.

It is a bold move to cover the country, and nothing like aiming high. Blimey, it has only taken me 6 years to get to this point Wink

perhaps these questions would best be aimed at Archpeople. Has anyone joined up?

Another day another WSI?
-We do not take a cut of your wages
- there is no fee to join
- the website will be finished in the next week, we have only been waiting for people to get back to us on certain things which they have so can now get on with finishing touches
- I have
There you are people...

I am sure we all look forward to hearing how they get on.

Also looking forward to the full website next week.

Another day another WSI?
How an agency works

This is from my experience temping in accounts work but should be very similar for archaeology work.

You put your name on their books, they keep a database of all the people that want work and their qualifications/experience. This should be free.
When a client needs workers the agency checks the database for people with the right qualifications/experience etc. and submits these (having checked the workers availability) to the client. The client chooses the ones they want and the job is offered to the worker.
The worker is told the rate for the job and that is what they are paid, less tax and NI, by the agency. The client pays a fee to the agency, usually the amount of wage plus a percentage.
Workers are not guaranteed work for 52 weeks of the year. They would normally claim dole for weeks they don't work.
I'm not sure what the current situation is regarding holiday pay but it used to be included in the wage paid.
You can turn jobs down or find jobs by other means, you are not tied to the agency.
I found that, if I was looking for work, more would come if I kept in frequent contact with the agency.
Maybe archpeople can confirm all this is correct.

Hope this clears things up a bit. Big Grin

Just to clear things up even further

Employment agencies arrange for businesses to hire workers on fixed, permanent or short-term contracts; employment businesses or ?temp agencies? also place people in work but the contractual relationship is between the worker and the temp agency.

Employment agencies and businesses work under the Employment Agencies Act 1973 and the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003.

Agencies do not need to be licensed, with the exception of Nursing and Care agencies, which must be licensed by the National Care Standards Commission.

An agency can be set up from home, and there is no need to form a company to run the business.

The main areas covered by the regulations are fees, advertisements, records, and general standards of conduct.

Employment agencies and businesses cannot charge fees to workers for finding them work. The regulations do not regulate the fees charged to businesses using employment agencies, nor workers? rates of pay. However, employment businesses are restricted (but not completely prevented) from charging so-called ?transfer fees?.

When advertising, agencies are obliged to make it clear that they are employment agencies; and if advertising an information service about jobs, must state they do not have authority from an employer to find workers, if that is the case.

Employment businesses must be similarly clear about the nature of their work; and must give full details of work, including rates of pay, qualifications and location in any advertisements.

Employment agencies and businesses must keep records of information about all their workers and employers.

General standards of conduct that agencies must follow include:
?Getting sufficient information from employers and workers to get the right person for the right job
?Not disclosing information about employers and workers except in the process of finding people work
?Making sure workers meet any legal requirements needed to do a job, for example, a lorry driver having the appropriate heavy goods vehicle driving licence
?Ensuring that the law is being met, such as the need for a work permit for an overseas worker
?Not offering a worker financial or other inducements to join an agency
?Not approaching a worker already placed by the agency in a job for a fee for work with another employer.

Standards for employment businesses include:
?Informing a hirer of current terms of business, including details of fees, in a written statement
?Giving a worker full details of their terms and conditions of employment, and of the nature of the hirer?s business
?Not restricting a worker from becoming a direct employee of a hirer

Another day another WSI?

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