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Been working on various sites in the same city for 7 months now-(nice change to be off the circuit and in my own bed)-I have seen the city mounty on site only once. He came, he shuffled, he spoke with the grown-ups, he went away. Am I on my own when I suggest that this is a potentially endemic and frankly, sh*t approach to a very important job?Big Grin
hey.... all I do is shout down the phone....

give me more time/staff/money

Big Grin

Another day another WSI?
Recently did a job at a power station, the supervisor and I were in college together. When the mountie came out to see the job he completly blanked me (only a digger)and talked to my mate.When the mounty turned round and faced me he realised that he knew me from college too and came and spoke to me, but he did blank me out completley to start with, disgusting way to treat people who are only doing a job.
This is not the first time its happened either!!

Can you imagine the response local enthusiasts get when they show an interest? Especially when they have the audacity to suggest a site visit is in order to check that reported unexcavated remains have been properly dealt with.

The issue David is not the method of response (we all know the score in LA's) its the attitude shown. A mounty that barks down the phone is likely to take a very keen interest if ends up having to pay a site visit.

A mounty that just goes through the motions can hardly need more staff - cos they are just wasting the little resource they have IMO.

Save the Thornborough Henge Complex -
Agreed most plentifully on all counts! I have seen lots of mounties and they all-with little exception look to the observer like male single parents with twelve unruly kids. Shagged out. I can`t otherwise explain the complete absence of integration. Just about every curator I have ever had the chance to have a natter (bleat) with has said the same thing. The dice are loaded. Curators cannot possibly carry out all their duties armed with little more than a chair, an ergonomic bendy desk, a pencil and a safari hat. How many curators out there are the sole archaeologist in the office? Curators are in the job because they were diggers once (however long ago in the murky pasts of partying) and us diggers would quite like the opportunity to talk to the curators about our work.....on site!Big Grin
Quote:quote:Originally posted by troll diggers would quite like the opportunity to talk to the curators about our work.....on site!Big Grin

I agree that really talking to diggers and site staff is important, but that's why I find this site so useful, as I can do exactly that.

It's a sad fact that monitoring visits often end up as an exercise in checking that the principles set out for an excavation in a method statement, are actually being carried out on site. Please don't forget that not only would I be just nosing around at the archaeology, interested in what you've found, but am also wondering if the agreed sampling levels are being adhered to, whether the timescale for the rest of the site is adequate, if you've got the resources to carry out the agreed scheme, whether the client is playing everyone for mugs, pushing for additional work if we think it's required, etc., etc. And then possibly off to the next site visit as well, to do the same all over again. A half hour site visit chat with the digging staff, times three site visits in a day, might actually mean that I don't make it to that final visit in time to catch anyone on site (Which has happened to me more than once)!

My favourite sites are the ones I only have to visit very rarely - because through working at the office, I am aware of what is going on, and am satisfied that it is going according to plan. Some sites I feel obliged to visit every week - because I don't trust the client or the consultant (sorry Dr. Pete) or the unit to level with me. Consider that by NOT seeing the Countie Mountie much, it might be that he/she is satisfied that you are doing a good job! Smile
You are all of course very welcome to visit me instead... and bring a sticky bun as well!..

Big Grin

Another day another WSI?
Not sure about county mounties all remebering teh glory days as diggers. I just heard of a recently appointed one, must be in his early twenties. He admitted that he had ONLY BEEN ON ONE COMMERCIAL SITE BEFORE. Apologies for the SHOUTING, but I just can't believe he implications of this. How can he write a WSI? How can he make sense of site visits? What the hell is this country coming to? Is there any more space in this handcart to hell?

Saying that, I was visited on site today by two other bods, and they spoke to me, a mere digger. and they seemed well informed and nice chaps.
Thinking about this, its all a bit depressing. I had been planning to move into DC/council type of stuff soonish rather than knacker my knees climbing the greasy ladder. If Councils prefer to recruit fresh malleable types from uiversities, than I may already be overqualified. None of the recent job applications seem to specify that you must be a field archaeologist. They ask for things like 'an interest in all periods of British archaeology'. Reading between the lines of what curator types say on the forum, it seems that its a nearly impossible job to do as you may well get shafted by your own side.
Thats where I love being both a practising archaeological contractor AND a Curator.... tricky trying to bluff someone who still does fieldwork commercially....... bwah ha ha as they say!

I seem to be an exception though... and without a degree I can tell you it was luck and a strong sense of self that got me the job... bloody lucky in fact!

It does have many worthwhile moments though...

It may be of interst to people that there are many flavours of County Moutie..

The COunty Archaeologist
The Development Control Archaeologist
the HER Officer
the Heritage Characterisation Officer
the Assitant County Archaeologist
etc etc..... so we come in all different shapes and sizes....

Another day another WSI?

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