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Latest BAJR Poll
Love the format of the new BAJR Poll abd great to have it back Big Grin

Latest poll has left me abit [?] Is the project for real?? I know they say there is no funding, but surely people's valuable time could be directed in a more productive way? They do have funding from the AA (according to blog).

Who are these people? Dr Scolfield? Are they archaeologists, accountants, vets?

Has there been a suitable project design written stating research objectives, methodologies etc??

At a time when archaeology is being plucked into the 21st c. airy fairy ideas like this promote the image of an eccentric, rambling profession..
Hi Muddy, thanks for your comments, they are greatly appreciated.

The project is for real. There is no funding and what people do in their spare time is really up to them. The AA have provided transport, the Ironbridge Gorge Museum have provided the van, and the University of Bristol are providing space for the excavation of the vehicle.

Most of the project participants are archaeologists. Dr. Schofield is a well-respected historical archaeologist, who works for English Heritage and is a Visiting Fellow in Archaeology at the University of Bristol.

The others involved with the project include someone who worked for me for about 18 months as a site assistant on various excavations (and is now pursuing a PhD), and someone who is a current member of my staff (supervisor) with several years' experience in commercial field archaeology. Others are staff and students at the University of Bristol.

A project design is in preparation and will be posted on the website and blog as soon as it is available.

For those who are uncertain about the origins, aims and objectives of the project, the University of Bristol team have now produced a Draft Project Design which is available for download.

Please note that this is only a draft version and may be changed as the project progresses, your comments are always welcome.

Thanks very much.

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