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Video and Media at Bamburgh Castle
Short video about the role of the media department of Bamburgh Research Project. This film was made by Tom Bamber, one of the 2008 season students. now this is something that perhaps although not new... is looking at a productive and useful way to take it forward.. well worth 3 minutes of your time! :face-approve: and do please comment

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I dug at Bamburgh as a student in 2007 and was really impressed by what they're doing with the media department and the idea of a different way of recording what we do.

The media monkeys on the dig are media students from york uni and generally arrive with absolutely no idea about archaeology so its quite rewarding seeing them go away with a bit more of an interest and understanding of what we do.

the only downside from a digger's point of view is that they arrive for three week spells during a ten week summer, so in week three they're conducting quite well informed interviews, then in week four it's a new batch of students and the questions are back to "so... er... what are you doing?"

Inspiring stuff and multi-faceted.Could go on about this for hours...

I had a natter with a student from the media department at uni many moons ago along much the same lines and we agreed that a good model would be an on-site feed to the internet. At intermittent points during the digging day, someone would bring the camera to the trench and describe what they were doing and why. For the remainder of the day, the camera would cover the excavations in progress. This would make for an all-inclusive archaeology, would engage the public and keep them informed of happenings in their neighborhood.

Of course, this would also provide for an archive suppliment of both the excavations and the archaeologists approach to it. We imagined large screens showing the excavations on live feed placed in County Council foyers, schools, colleges, universities and dentists waiting rooms! The potential was only limited by our imagination!Big Grin

The Uni I went to also had a vibrant artificial intelligence and computer science suite and I always wondered what we could achieve if we were to consult with the whole gamete of other disciplines on campus!!!

..knowledge without action is insanity and action without knowledge is vanity..(imam ghazali,ayyuhal-walad)
Interesting stuff and a good vid.

I recognise a few of my classmates wielding shovels in the bakground.

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