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Question on Skills Exchanges
Question on Skills Exchanges from BAJR facebook

Quote:quote:I was wondering if anyone knew of any international skills exchanges which are (or have been) set up within European commercial archaeology? I know that every country has a differing degree of 'commercial' archaeology (I would also like to know if there is a summary of these different systems anywhere?) and also do things in very different ways but I think it would be really interesting experience going to see how the Spanish or Italians or Dutch etc conduct their commercial work and letting them come see ours. Obviously now is probably not the best time for such a thing but I wondered what the BAJR community thought of the idea and whether anything like it has been done. I think essentially I like the idea of travelling to other countys doing archaeology whilst keeping my job and still getting paid, but im sure that it could also have wider benifits too.
Dan Jackson

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
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Bump............ Anyone??

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."

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