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Echo, your past is my past is the governments for free
A client pays me to produce a heritage statement followed by a field evaluation report to accompany a planning application. That planning application gets turned down on three counts. One of which appears to be the archaeology and was related to Paragraph 128. The Decision Notice said

"The application is not supported by an appropriate evaluation of heritage impact, would have unacceptable harmful impact on the setting of a significant nearby
heritage asset and risks unacceptable harm to the archaeological record. This would be contrary to Paragraph 128 of the National Planning Policy Framework."

I do not know what an appropriated evaluation of heritage impact is or what bit of 128 is missing. I have no way to appeal this nonsense because the applicant decides to off hire me and then applies again, this time with another heritage statement that references my report. The application was turned down again but this time the applicant appeals to the Inspector.

Mean while the LPA publishes my evaluation report of the world wide web without my permission. I ask them to remove it. They do.

I had not thought about charging again for it. Are you suggesting an application use charge of some form?
.....nature was dead and the past does not exist

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