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Research Beyond Mitigation and Universities: Maximising the Impact of Community
the rest of the videos-

The role of Local Government Archaeologists in translating research into practice

Dr Hannah Fluck - Front line or back office? The role of Local Government Archaeologists in translating research into practice.

Local Government archaeological services occupy a unique position as a link between the community and commercial, the academic and the amateur. With the introduction of the NPPF in England Historic Environment Records now enjoy a clearer status within the Planning system than ever before. HERs, and the archaeologists that maintain and use them, are where information from professional and amateur investigations come together informing policy and strategy to actively conserve and promote the historic environment. Nevertheless there is often an underuse of the resource held within HERs and a lack of understanding as to the role played by County Archaeologists. As economic pressures lead to streamlined services it is more important than ever that these services are supported and utilised as the nodal points in the web of archaeological activity. This can ensure that new archaeological insights contribute to policy and practice that benefit local communities and broader research projects alike. Promoting a greater understanding between all parties, and particularly of the potential role that local government archaeologists can play in connecting the different arms of the
profession, will help the survival of not just the individual services but can also facilitate greater integration between sectors.

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