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Wiltshire Heritage Museum has no more room for storage.
i am not your enemy, not venting. I just dont see what the point is in talking about shared heritage, we or our. But you now seem to be catching up and it would seem that you do think that
Quote:SO, much could go > BUT only to make room for well researched archaeological material of value (something which goes back to initial excavation decisions...)
but you have not said how these decisions should be made.

Now how about the museums do it by some economic criteria like if they really do want my archive they buy it off me. Just on principle so that I can work out that they are serious about having my archive and more to the point have money to look after the archive*. At the moment when you give it to them for nothing or indeed with some payment its not hard to get the feeling that they do the bare minimum for the archive and as soon as thier pensions are threatened that they will not give a monkeys about some miserable archaeology archive. They will be much more interested in their oil paintings and metal detecting finds that they have bought through the stupid BM heritage lottery rip off. Just out of interest what kind of museum have you got round your way? At least this shower put out some rudimentary back of the envalope accounts, most dont. The ones round my way appear to be county council mostly employed to create time lines and eduacational experiences for five to ten year olds.

*obviously the wessex museums what funding from community levy etc. And what I am saying is that the amount that they are after raising will include payment for my archive.
Reason: your past is my past

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