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Fancy building a Neolithic House
Just building a house and saying this is neolithic sounds too much like a doddle. How about a little bit of group interaction to spice things up and possibly test a few theories of social cohesion etc etc

One scenario might try out is to actually build 3 houses...1 could be a small group of people shown an image of the finished building, a pile of raw materials and the location and then told to get on with it but no further instruction (Intuitive Group); 2 could be a group of labourers told that they have to do everything that is told them and the sooner they are finished the sooner they are released from the project (Slavery Group) and 3 basket weavers of Salisbury and surrounding district (Basket Weaver Group).

It would be interesting to see how the rate of work, the finished project, the general ambience amongst members of the different groups varied over the period of the project.
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Fancy building a Neolithic House - by BAJR - 30th October 2012, 09:32 AM

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