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Choice of Camera
For site work we use old Pentax P30s - gives the workforce something to break with knobs on, but these days 'normal' site photography seems to be successfully catered for with Ricoh G600 point-and-press digis with a skylight filter screwed in the front - robust, dustproof, apparently waterproofish and, most importantly, I'm not aware that anyone has managed to break one yet (over 3 years!) and I don't know of anyone who's bothered finding out what any of the mystery buttons do, I certainly haven't! They even take good moon shots on the default setting! They take OKish pictures at least for archive/grey lit purposes, have a selection of more high-tech SLR digis etc for more specialist stuff.

Can't remember what the small expendable thing is that we hang off the kite - not that many that'll just keep taking shots every 2 seconds till they run out of memory, old one was a Pentax but they stopped making them

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Choice of Camera - by John Wells - 14th September 2012, 07:42 PM

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