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Brighton Bypass - Tasmania

We have gone a bit more in depth on this one, to give you all the info... the for the against.. the archaeology report and a tv report. - is it as bad as it looks? Or is it cultural imperialism?

It is interesting to read the archaeology report... which is based on results from 1 trench out of 8... all only 2m square.

Intersting to see a definate tension in the archaeology... found in 2008 but only investigated in August 2009, then stopped becasue of issues with teh aboriginal groups... then again in Feb 2010... the report is from April... its now Dec... so where is the rest of the report? On teh other side.. why the 3 million artefact quote? is that based on a single 2m trench extrapolated?? what is an artefact? are they counting all the debitage?

And of course.. I note that Penal colony structures are being inscribed onto the World Heritage List... but this site??
Is it because the white Tasmanian does not relate to an empty site as opposed to a standing structure?

At first I laughed at teh example of a bridge over stonehenge... but then, that is because I am using my own cultrual framework to 'decide' what is important.

WE have the same in the UK... A villa and mosaic is 'important' and must be saved. A mesolithic House is quarried away. A Roman Temple is important... a series of prehistoric pits in a circle is harder to sell to the developer/public/planning

Lots to consider about what is important?

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