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Building History
Some of you may be familiar with my website Researching Historic Buildings in the British Isles. It will celebrate a decade online in December and has gone through almost as many incarnations as Dr Who. Some may remember it as Sources for Building History. It now has its own domain and a different title. I thought I'd better work "British Isles" in there lest people get frustrated looking on it for stuff on the Pyramids, etc.

Now would be a good time for people to complain about the site, as things are generally quiet for me in August, and I should have time to work on it.

All comments gratefully received, but please don't suggest a million additions to the bibliographies. Big Grin I don't aim to compete with But I really would like to know about any missing good gazetteers of specific building types and top notch works specific to Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.
Can't seem to edit my post. Sorry! Website is
"has gone through almost as many incarnations as Dr Who."

Better watch out then - according to my Dr Who geek son, there can only be 12 regenerations of a Time Lord (apparently David Tennant is No. 11)
He's officially number 10 if you exclude the Peter Cushing films.

Cough.... geek... [:I]

Thanks for the link though ( :face-topic: ), my computer is playing up at the mo, but it looks as though I'll have fun on there!
Its a great site... and stuffed so full it makes the tardis look small

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
Thanks for the kind words.
"He's officially number 10 if you exclude the Peter Cushing films."

And yet McGann gets in on a nod. Where's the justice.

Oh yes - I like the webstie too.
Don't worry about The Doc. Where there's a canon-crazed anorak at the helm, there's a way. Let's face it, The Master hit his "maximum" twelfth regeneration during Tom Baker's run and he's looked good ever since. Don't be fooled into thinking he's gone for good this time, either.

True geeks will remember Omega, a Timelord who existed through sheer strength of will, even though he didn't actually exist at all any more. Sort the existential nonsense out of [u]that</u> and stay fashionable.

:face-topic: er... normal service resumes...

Nice web site, Jean.
"Sort the existential nonsense out of that and stay fashionable."

Would it be possible to do anything at all with that post and stay fashionable?}Smile
Quote:quote:Would it be possible to do anything at all with that post and stay fashionable?

Fair point, well made...

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