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Thread: Working as an archaeologist in the UK if your from Europe and beyond..

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    Default Working as an archaeologist in the UK if your from Europe and beyond..

    Many have asked on the Bajr Facebook page about what is required to work and live in the United Kingdom if they come from the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA), the Commonwealth, America and the rest of the world. As is usual with these things its Byzantine in its complexity. So we will start with what you actually need to get in the door...and start digging

    Firsty here's a link to the Visa requirements for those coming from the EU, the EEA, and the Commonwealth:

    The US of A:

    The rest of the world:

    Usfull guides include;

    When you get here and are deemed fit to work you will need to sort out tax

    and dont forget to blend in...

    There is a lot of stuff to cover here so if I have duplicated or omitted anything feel free to take me to task.
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    You may want to be thinking about updating this sometime in the next couple of years, Article 50 and all that

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