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Pay: an analysis
Apologies all, my error for misreading table 1.

I heard an interesting and exciting rumour today from a colleague, that has some bearing on this thread. It seems that Cornwall Council has reassessed their archaeologists pay grades (field types rather than curators)and put them on an equivalent grade to road engineers. Et voila! a massive rise to ?23 000 pa. I so hope this is true. Anyone out there know anything about this? Could it be the start of better things?[?]
mercenary you're right in a way.
An initial pay and grading review downgraded archaeologists (mainly field staff but not all).
An appeal reversed the decision, upgrading the archaeologists!
Very, very interesting.Big Grin I wonder if other councils now have to take note of this? Has a precedent been set for other grading reviews, or are all councils completely independent?
So is there any substance to the rumour of ?23,000 and, if so, what grade is that for?![?]
There have been, apparently, some independent reviiews suggesting real pay increases. Unfortunately Councils tend to guard their independence, and 'commercial confidentiality' is a very common wall to come up against....

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