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Status of BAJR
Quote:quote:Competative tendering has the nasty habit of driving standards down with the prices.I

It can do - but only if the invitation to tender (including the spec and the BofQ) have not been carefully designed and thought through.

That is why the involvement of experienced consultants who know what they are doing and care about the archaeology is important. Designing tender documentation is a skill, but it is often done by people who don't really understand it. The worst ITTs introduce risks for the contractor, but also introduce opportunities to cut corners and lower standards. My experience - seen from both sides - is that these tend to occur when the tender is issued simply as a curator's planning brief and a covering letter - a very common model, but not fit for purpose. Tenders of this sort are most often issued directly by the client without involving a consultant.

Even if a consultant is brought into the project later, if the contractor has been appointed in the way described above then the consultant's hands are often tied.


to let, fully furnished

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