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List of UK Archaeology Departments enquiry
Damn the changing clocks, this feels like an ungodly hour!

Right, just a quick query. I know BAJR holds details of UK University Archaeology Departments, but is there any way I can get hold of a list of all their e-mails (maybe on an e-mail?) so that I can just send a circular e-mail to them all. This is to advertise a student excavation opportunity to them. Obviously otherwise Im going to have to trawl through the lot of them.

If BAJR cant help, can anyone else? Just PM me for my new (!) e-mail address.

Love ya,

Sadly I don't give out the list...(and believe it or not, when we contat them, we do it one at a time, as a circular is often seen as spam) you would have to look at each one in turn, and click the email link.

sorry Gumbo.

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
Ok No worries, thought that might be the case! Might just have to get off me arse and put some time in then! Thanks for the swift reply, G
Hi G,

Is this just for circulation to UK archaeology students. I could circulate it amongst Norwegian archaeology students if you like?

I am much looking forward to Saturday lunchtime!!
sorry about that gumbo..

tell you what ... we could come to a deal, where I can help.. if we can piggyback a BAJR announcement with it? how does that sound... just a couple of lines outlining what BAJR has to offer archaeology students?

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
Hello Kevin and David,

Kevin, send me the address an ill send you all the details!

David, unfortunately I have sent the stuff already, but thanks for the kind offer anyway. I would however be happy to send it again with your stuff heading it up? Maybe this could become a BAJR-led thing for circulation to universities each year (so that they dont think it is spam?) you could use my info (which I could send you) and maybe some other student/volunteer digs as a sort of pilot for a formal project for the future? Wouldnt take too much effort and fills a niche not otherwise exploited at the moment (where uni's and students have to go to the info ratherthan it being delivered to the departments?). Anyway you can have my prospectus etc if you want!

Best Wishes,
gumbo... I feel terrible now [:I]

however.. and more seriously.. I do think this is a good way forward.. and a more formal process..

with Past Horizons and BAJR pushing forward on this, we can definately work with you.. I can even feel another googlemap style system... and other enhancements.. we should talk about this.. so please send the prospectus to me and between us, come up with a plan..



"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
Sounds good Ill forward some stuff tonight or tomorrow. Best, G

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