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Romans some questions
Oh the rusticated look

Watch out incoming rusticated ware- the original anti-personnel crockery

Quote:quote:What on earth does that mean?

Tools of destruction =ploughs

Report=COSMIC report shows that all the archaeology, particularly the scheduled monuments, in the whole of agricultura-land was ploughed out this week but we must keep it a secret, not prosecute anybody and pretend that there is still significant stuff left so that we can carry on developer funded or else we are all out of a job-have you read it?

That?s Spardacus over there
No,i've not even heard of it-is it online?
yes and no but this is defras view of it

I drop a few other comments about it on the Detecting a Bright Future thread

Unit, its is next to impossible to prosecute most farmers ploughing SMs because of Class Consents - there are a range of activities that are allowed on SMs without consent which include carrying out any agricultural activity which was carried out within the five years previous to the monument being scheduled - so SMs that were ploughed can go on being ploughed. The solution to this AT PRESENT is to pay the farmers not to plough, either by management agreement with EH or through Environmental Stewardship. Expensive and going to become increasingly less attractive to farmers unless the payments go up a lot as cereal prices have doubled in the last year, so growing cereals is heading for being profitable again (unlike all the other sectors of British farming.)
Isnt the blinding conclusion of cosmic that even if you did consider undertaking a prosecution that you would have no evidence that that the soil had not been previously ploughed to what ever depth that you could be accusing them off

Now what these agri-subsidy junkies need to get their fix off archaeology its an archaeological report confirming the depth of the underlying archaeology that they should provide

I have my trowel ready
The only way to stop damage been done to archaeology is to remove all 6+billion people of the face of the earth, unfortunately there would be no archaeologist to then do any digging.Sites will then have to wait untill the next species evolves to take over as the next dominant one.
How about moles-lets give then the chance!

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