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Interesting Rock Art Course


17th #8211; 21st November and 23rd #8211;27th November 2008

Trent & Peak Archaeology and the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus are pleased to launch the course #8216;World Rock-Art, Landscapes and Creativity: Recording, Interpreting and Protecting Our Global Inheritance#8217;.

Taught by a team of International Experts with decades of experience between them, this unique course offers an intensive introduction to key skills and methods in rock-art recording, analysis and interpretation.

This 5 day long course, including field-visits, lunches and refreshments and 6 nights accommodation.

We offer two session dates in November 2008:

17th #8211; 21st November and 23rd #8211; 27th November 2008

Bed and Breakfast accommodation is included in the price.


Several hundred thousand rock-art sites lie scattered across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Americas and Pacific islands. Together these sites contain millions of images of individual or group identity, most of which were made from about 30,000 years ago. As paintings, drawings, engravings, prints, stencils and beeswax designs, rock-art has captured Western and Asian imagination since at least the late 1700s but it was only in the early 1900s that Science accepted rock-art as something legitimate to study. However, rock-art remained marginal to archaeology until the early 1980s, with it only recently emerging as an area of serious and concerted research. Today new discoveries and ideas of their origin are trumpeted in academic journals and on the front pages of newspapers and magazines on a regular basis and rigorous methods have been developed to study rock-art. In this course students are introduced to world rock-art and many of its major art bodies. Topics discussed by way of illustrated lectures include:

#8226; The origins of art
#8226; Working with indigenous peoples
#8226; Survey and recording
#8226; Rock-art dating
#8226; Conservation and management
#8226; Bridging to archaeological and ethnographic records
#8226; Documenting cultural contact and change
#8226; Group versus individual identity
#8226; Monsters and supernatural beings
#8226; Rock-art and ecology
#8226; Re-contextualising rock-art
#8226; Rock-art and mass media
#8226; The rock-art of different geographic areas
#8226; Rock-art as a wider ritual package
#8226; The new rock-art of the Ghetto
The aim of the course is to introduce students to world rock-art and the landscapes in which they are placed. Particular interest will be the way we interact with our shared palaeoart heritage; to illustrate its connection and relevance to contemporary art and culture; to introduce the protocols and ethics of studying art produced by other cultures; and to develop a range of research and presentation skills. An overriding aim to emphasise the key role creativity plays in everyone#8217;s lives, including those of the students themselves.

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