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Here comes April.......dont let us down
"It is not a trade union, despite some people's attempts to make it act like one, including many who aren't even members."

This is not what im sugguesting at all - i am more than aware of the IFAs shortcomings in producing documents but taking no responabilty to enforce them.

What i am asking is that if a unit is an rao then the ifa must enforce the payment of ifa level wages, in particular now they have been made aware of a loophole that appeared last year. They have worked to set the levels so so should be afforded to all and must at some point take responsibilty for the actions of units in case of what is effectively a failure to adhere to one of their membership conditions. Surely no0w they are aware of the problem they are duty bound to act in clarifying the situation - otherwise thy are allowing discrimination against short term contract workers.

Have to say... the IFA probably can't.. and as such, perhaps should not set pay levels (personal BAJRish opinion)

BAJR however will make clear that if a person applies for a job with a LA unit, that they may (note the may) not get the pay award pending.. then it is up to the person to decide. I can't force anyone to pay .. but I can make people aware of what may (note the may) happen. This is only fair ... as many adverts carreid the pay award pending (which was true) but not the ..."... you may not get a whiff of it..." ending.

I pledge to clarify this - I would expect the IFA to do the same... though they are unable to force people to pay more. (I will ask at the next IFA Council Meeting ... yup I am still there! Despite a rather rocky road)

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
So basically if the IFA dont pull thier finger out then diggers get shafted agian - fantastic - maybe they should stop billing themselves as serving the interests of archaeologists

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