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#11 good guide to pubs if your're travelling to source out the watering holes first

Each town should have its own volume(s) on the history of the pubs therein;from the earliest known to present day. I think its a much neglected side of the social (and drunken) history of towns/cities.Idealy they would include every pub,as i'm sure each one has its own story to tell.
as it happens... I am including pubs (such as Gothenburgs - interesting social experiments) in an audit of Midlothian Heritage.

1901 (GOTH MEM & ART) East of Scotland Public House Trust Company Limited established in Edinburgh at 29 Rutland Square to acquire and build anew public houses that were owned and managed with temperance as their goal. The movement was inspired by developments in Sweden to combat widespread brandy drinking which the City of Gothenburg had pioneered. Publicans were incentivised to sell food and non alcoholic drinks not alcohol, and loan funds were restricted to modest rates of interest. It reached its high point with the nationalisation of Carlisle's Public Houses during World War I.

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
Well with heritage protection review and the potential growing importance of local lists we should be trying to get pubs onto them. All over the country pub sites are considered to be ripe for development.

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