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Salary Benchmarking Project - Update
Somebody said

"Of course, here at VMP our fees are out of this world.

D. Vader".

Funnily enough I did a job for Darth (the real one) and a few of his mates last month. Good point about ecologists though.

The Ecologists option has been taken on board at IFA council...

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
What does it mean when you say "The ecologists option has been taken on board...."

What should probably come out of it is that ecologists working for government agencies (and probably a lot of other organisations like the RSPB) are underpaid as badly as most archaeologists and probably for similar reasons - lots of young keen graduates who will work for crap money for a few years in the hope of getting something better, the employers knowng that when they get disillusioned and jack it in as a career option there will be a plentiful supply of new,yoiunger, keen bodies to fil the spaces.

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