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Oyster shells
Just a quickie. Does anyone know of a specialist that could look at some Oyster Shells for me (Early Med) and do a report.
Rick SteiBig Grinn

Close enough for a country job!
It depends on how many you have and what you hope to do with them.

I usually do a basic report on Oyster shells (count, weight, left valve right valve, knife marks/working, indicators of farming) unless it is a particularly big deposit. I am sure there are some other people out there who could help. Most zooarchs should be able to do this, otherwise how about the enviro archaeology people at York? if they are still doing comercial work that is.
Its about four big finds bags worth, a '5% (ish) sample' (?!) as there was **** loads in one deposit I just wanted comments on valve count, and any other interesting stuff (I hear rumours that you can make distinctions between fresh/salt water (?) breeds and or if they are farmed (??)). Could you do it BoneGirl? its either you or Rick Stein...

The environmental department at Wessex Archaeology could deal with it - contact Chris Stevens or Sarah Wyles. As you suggest, information on the location of the oyster beds can often be provided, as the parasites on the shells provide information on the nature of the substrate (fresh water, brackish, salty etc).

I am afraid I couldn't make comment of the fresh/salt water etc.. but could do the rest. If this is a question that you are looking at answering maybe the environmentalists are your answer.
Well thanks everyone! I will ponder the possibilities and then get in touch! G

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