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Genetic analysis of old bones and teeth
I would be interested in getting some analysis of some Skelies done and wondered  what experiences anybody might have had of the process, costs, problems and affects. I am particularly interested in Roman/iron age.
.....nature was dead and the past does not exist
Am asking on BAJR Facebook..

see here for questions

Alison Fearn I hope they have substantial funding...

Spencer Gavin Smith Are they going to look at the familiar or the unfamiliar?

Xenia-Paula K Depending what you need in particular, the prices range. Also, the price ranges between labs across the UK and Ireland. It may become more expensive outside the UK, but you will have to acquire export permits to send anything outside the UK Furthermor...See more

Fred Heller how many individuals? because that dictates what you can actually extract from them..

Alison Fearn Depends on if they want to look at isotope analysis or DNA. The former being considerably cheaper than the latter.
Katie White As others have said, the costs would really depend on the number of individuals. A standard skeletal analysis (inventory, age, sex, metrics, pathology) is normally costed as a day's work, including writing up and interpretation. Or there's the quick "MoLA" method, which is to record basic info, at 20-25 skeletons per day. I can't comment on how much aDNA analysis would cost but it's pretty pricey!
Xenia-Paula K The cost of "basic" osteological analysis depends on the project's requirements. In the commercial sector a project has many phases so you will need to be aware that these phases are determined by the planning framework at large. So if you have an assemblage that is small but its unique it could have the same cost as a much larger one. The more phases into a project the less "basic the work of the specialist becomes, and it may also include publication. A specialist will charge for publication, because a good quality publication takes a lot of time, research and writing it up is not a day's job. Some projects take years to complete and therefore you will need to discuss with the specialist all these possibilities (and you should have a contingency budget). If the material you have are not linked to a commercial project then the cost actually be much lower (but it depends on your requirements and the specialist involved). Always search around before committing to one specialist, we all have different time frames, strengths/weaknesses, so talk a few. But one thing is for sure, there is no such thing as "basic" osteological analysis.
Hosty can't get into the Facebook link but basically getting any genetic analysis is not a first must go to point of call or even a last in uk commercial archaeology. Does anybody think that we should encourage clients to pay for attempting it?
.....nature was dead and the past does not exist

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