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Elfs and safety and tings
Having to finish a waist-deep pit with a 30-ton machine and fishing the finds/'placed deposits'/human remains out of the resulting spoil heap (consisting mostly of several cubic metres of the surrounding natural since they didn't have a narrow bucket available) 'cos the main contractor has an excessively blinkered H&S policy does, however, grate after a bit? Soooo nice when we can follow our own H&S... :face-thinks:

Agree though, don't miss some of the deep dark excavations of old :face-approve:
Dinosaur Wrote:Having to finish a waist-deep pit with a 30-ton machine...

Why not hand excavate as deep as allowed, record and then reduce the surface with the machine to a more manageable depth?
D. Vader
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That all depends on how unhelpful the client's 'consultants' are being - a recent consultant suggestion was machining out a not-particularly-deep waterlogged well (already established by augering) in the middle of deep-strat urban deposits, and err sampling the spoilheap???!!!??? - luckily sense has prevailed on that one - mind you, it's been drying out for 6 months in the meantime (there's no longer any landscape to one side of it) Sad

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