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Is this the end
well bajrites, i was going to say something sanguine about the neighbourhood planning bill or the recidivism of brexiteering but i cant be bothered either
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
I voted brexit and I have never been happier and will be for evermore. I imagine the remainers and it makes me smile. Smile. Bit of whistling, daddy dancing without music. What we need now is humongous inflation on student loans, south American interest rates, the house market to fall out of the sky, dual nationality to be declared by MPs, another great fire of London, general laughing at public servant pensions, a successful fanatical attack on the concentartion of artifacts in the british musum, the another general election, kick anybody who calls for growth, all with the ambition to reduce the population of this fine nation by about 48% before I die. You know who you are. Put your money where your vote was and sod off to your multinational trade agreement paradise. Use the HS2 and the third runway if you have to but there are plenty of empty trucks crossing the channel as well. You will find 7 billion people out there when there was only 2.5 when I was born. Join in, shag as you go, your bound to get the attention of a BBC journalist. You could take my rants as unacceptible human right violations and go and ask for assilem in france and germeny. Oh and Take the word Great with you, it was never mine.

It does not look a good year for cider but I have got about 6 demijohns of blackberry on the go and am gearing up for elderberry. I think that I have cracked ridge and furrow. It's all about Mucilage.
.....nature was dead and the past does not exist
how, prey tell, do marshmallows generate earthwork surveys?
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
dont you mean watching brief or are you up with the Lincolnshire curators "topographic" revlolootion to be found lurking here
I was under the impression that CIFA intended to produce another standard to get them out of a NPPF mess

I did do marsh mellows for a little while but currently my plant of interest is broad leaf plantain. Mostly because I fancy saying "planting my plantain". I am kinda wondering if the broadleaved is a domesticate of the narrow?
.....nature was dead and the past does not exist
BAJR Wrote:...I won't kill this place yet for all the stored threads. archive and be damned...

Speaking of which, can anyone remember which thread that long rambling discourse on Neolithic pits was on a few years back, all I can remember is that the original thread wasn't about pits, which isn't very helpful Sad

Might want to reference it, it's still the most intelligent discussion about what they were actually for that I've come across, sad but true [apologies to the contributors to Anderson-Whymark and Thomas (eds.) 2012] Big Grin
P Prentice Wrote:how, prey tell, do marshmallows generate earthwork surveys?

Same way cake generates excavations?
Managed to fix the cyber attacks... sigh... life! Back from Canada...

I will be keeping this place going. - out of respect for those that don't want Facebook and for old times sake.

ps... turns out Firefox gets upset by some settings... to fix it... go to Firefox settings... and in options click Privacy then custom settings and Always use private browsing mode
BAJR Wrote:Managed to fix the cyber attacks...

Are those pesky cyber-persons back? Thought the Dr had dealt with them again :0

Apparently they've rediscovered the one with the Yeti on the underground, didn't know it had got lost (a bit like a lot of old site archives, must be using one of the same museums we use), earliest one I can remember clearly, or is that showing my age? Big Grin

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