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Archaeological imaging?
Simply put, this could revolutionize image and visualization technology.Big Grin

Just in case people out there haven't got the computer power to run the demo, then I highly recommend you grab a coffee and spend five mines viewing the computer bloke who wrote the software doing his thing an showing you what it can do and just what potential the system could have, a photographic data base with tagged images taken from any camera or even from the web that can self assemble multiple images into a 3d model through pattern recognition which allows you to view building photographs in a "real world environment". the bit with the poster being incorporated into the model of Notre Dame is quiet stunning, but then again maybe its only me that finds the potentional of this intriguing.

No sleep till Natural.
Like a catscan...
Recording OUR heritage for future generations.
Totally gob smacking... this is amazing stuff!!

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."

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