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The European Landscape Convention
Everything is an evaluation. This is so much about zero hour jack boots, more like passport design. In today's hop on a plane a million people in the air world what half the people, 48%, want is as many passports as they can get. Lets call them the internationals and multinationals. The other half stay at homes surrounded by bits of remnant ridge and furrow, can't keep up. Just, with 52%. What's probably probably, funny or sad, is the numbers of janus flints, dual nationalities, in that motley crew of 52.

Used to be that you had to put your occupation on your passport, they (I don't remember who but I expect that they were remotly elected and there was no referendum) stopped that and now Circle turned and somebody wants a points system, but I presume that in this brave new world that we shall be made to put our DNA and to be certain of our motherland or is that tongue our mitrocondrial as well if the NHS has a vote in it. I am not sure if the actual passport would have your signature signed in blood along side a silicon chip with your full genome but these are details that will have to be agreed in the next two years along side all these glass bead trade agreements that the internationals keep withering on about. Now let me tell you about trade, round my bit of the midlands they want to charge me for my archive and have free rights to all my copyright to do with as they wish which is mainly to put it on the world wide web and go off and collect their pension. But I am not bitter, I have means of production and at this time of year have stocked my demijohns up to the max, although the temperatures this year are a bit disappointing, in anticipation of the games ahead.

Meanwhile in the background it appears that the founder mentalists have attacked an international Turkish airport and would appear to want to disrupt the modern means of mass movement, the very same through which potential spouses sort their company. Is it cause they like the baptism that is boat travel and the opportunity that plane travel does not so easily afford which is the opportunity to discard the passport. Seems a bit of this landscape might have found its way to the British museum

How did that happen? It's one year old although dendro would possible put half a century on it if there is any sap wood. Although I understand that the BM is some exempt secret charity thingy based on the lotto does the 1964 Public Libraries and Museum Act apply to them when they purchase objects or source funding to run their central London lets keep the worlds treasures operation an accessible target for anybody who has a justification that only roughly half the Peoples might hold? I think that the BM should set up some security with guns passport control system to get in or is that the change in the landscape this object foretells? Can't help but feel that it has something to do with Janus but apart from noting two faced flints I am no historian but could it be that setting up a passport control system will need funding and so resort to the 1964 Act.

And as a note on the tariffs charged by the museums round my way for my so called donations
.....nature was dead and the past does not exist

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