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The European Landscape Convention
Damn Boris and Gove for messing it up again... As Doug says... you can't predict - only model on known data

Going to be a struggle though
It's getting boring. The data seems to show that the London Tory leadership seems to still be a magnet for Scottish passport carriers. Both party MP Remainer haven't faced what will happen to the remainders in the next general election. For the rest of thier careers it's likely to be a sign of failure. They should all be calling for a general election to get their mandates reassessed and give their local parties a chance recognise their inadequacies or find other people who can be bothered to be an MP. What they should do is find people who can claim any type of dual Scottish, welsh home country people...What I would like to see is SNP running in English elections. "They" might be surprised by how well they might do.
.....nature was dead and the past does not exist
What Doug is trying to model is gambling. All politicians are quite "clever" gamblers because they mostly only have the dice rolled every five years or so. Between which they do what would appear to be little gambles which mostly never get to be relevant enough to affect anything which is the very definition of a politician. Third runway, HS2, lincshore, archaeology briefs no comeback never get involved in a yes or no but they did not see it they have not hedged their bets they have tied what ever to the mast and Cameron, possibly Boris, has wangled a few months to pretend to be in charge of something that half the people don't want.

Found a nice little meso prymid core yesterday whilst watching a cross country run. Don't expect the BMW to be interested or rather me to think that they might be.
.....nature was dead and the past does not exist
Ok, I'll confess it was me who found Marc's last post on the previous page 'helpful' - gave me a laugh at the end of a long day trying to ghost-write a site from another unit's inherited archive (eek!) }Smile
Ghost write an inherited Archive, explain the economics of that? This is the brexit landscape, the pound is racing oil to the bottom by demand. Is there a Will that has transferred our fellow archaeologists post ex budget of head down contemplation of hues of 10 YR to be turned into pieces of silver by a budding Peter Hinton. Are dual nationalities involved? Para 141demands evidence. Has not the time for evidence passed? What's the point? If you don't write the report it doesn't mean the archaeology has Not been done. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
.....nature was dead and the past does not exist
Marc Berger Wrote:Ghost write an inherited Archive, explain the economics of that?

The fact that I'm getting paid is all the explanation I need Big Grin
...and in the process discovered something cool that had been missed about another very-well-known site on the other side of the same field (not that that helps my current project though, 300m away) SmileSmile

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