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I did a search looking after the demise of the much loved HER world and came across snarly welsh attempts to get HERs statutory but it seems to be buried in a "news" forum which doesn't bring the thread to the front of the thread or notice in index pages (?)

hosty seems to like it, is it some kind of must-have facebook connivance?

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.....nature was dead and the past does not exist
My vis-vest already comes personalised - mud, coffee-spillage, fag-burns, cake, oil from checking dipsticks and a couple of things I can't actually identify. Is there any HSE guidance on how yellow they are supposed to be?

should be green but as there so much green then maybe it has to be some colour least like green
.....nature was dead and the past does not exist
Oh, yeah, forgot to mention the green bits }Smile
If MArc wants to know more about this Bill or if he has any questions, sign up for regular Historic Environment Bulletins by sending your email address to:

As to WHat colour Hi Viz should be... I tend towards a hue that is reminiscent of faded grandeur with an ermine trim
We suggested to the boss a few years back that that fetching lilac high vis would make for a distinctive company livery...didn't go well... :0
I would say it would be
Someone must wear it somewhere, a few firms advertise a whole range of the stuff in lilac. I've still got a request in with the management for one of those Norwegian high-vis kilts, but if memory serves they only came in yellow Sad

[the tail fits better under a kilt]
Some part of me (well all of me to be honest) does not want to know what your tail is!
Could resurrect the old tradition of the BAJR poll to see what the consensus is? - obviously I'll cheat Big Grin

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