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Xmas ball and archsoc students
Leg me old fruit-not what I meant sir! I agree with you that Mr Hosty is the man for the job. No testicling intended at all! In fact, you should win cream eggs for tabling the idea!Big Grin
I was actually surprised by how many people at work know of its existence, and quite a few lurk on here. I always mention it to people, but I would definitely up for a bit of word spreading...

++ i spend my days rummaging around in dead people ++
The BAJR job listings are always on display (and have been for a long time) on the jobs noticeboard at lampeter uni, which every student walks past if they come in regularly.
Most interested students I have talked to know about BAJR and many have found jobs through it, too.

And that's despite being in the sticks...
superb! But what about all the cool links and resources-not to mention the jolly forum! Greetings to all at Lampeter!Big Grin
if nothing else I suggest everyone goes and plays that javelin throwing game, flaming addictive, the cannons one on the same site is also a great bit of time wasting...

++ i spend my days rummaging around in dead people ++
Too true.... BAJR exists in a strange place.... no adverts, no budget and both known and unknown. The next nut to crack is the education system...

It is my intention to spend the winter months working on BAJR 2.0 and this wil be the one to bring it all together.... 5 years of work and learning and knowing what to do and what is needed ....... scarey but fun!

BAJR has a mission statement...

and You are all right... we need to publisise properly... I will create a poster and publish online, but will bite the bullet and post out posters, Mission statement and a letter to all the HE institutions I have on THERA.

Another day another WSI?
Quote:quote:Originally posted by sniper

if nothing else I suggest everyone goes and plays that javelin throwing game, flaming addictive

Oh god, SUCH a marvellous waste of time. Big Grin

"Kick a megalith and it hurts."
true...and they don't know what they're missing...Big Grin
Rocks- true.
Similarly, what people are we missing by not being a household name in HE?Big Grin

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