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Plenty of jobs going.........
Boom time ! vacancies everywhere and no one to fill them ........... is it any wonder looking at the poverty line wages being offered ? I know those on here are at or above the minima but they really are appallingly low........ how are units going to fulfil contracts with no field staff ?
even if wages go up there will still be a shortage of pliant diggers but i'm guessing pay rises are on the way
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
Pay is already rising. with the Minima set at 17299
and the BAJR advert average now at £17522 ( ok... not much but look at the current job advert minimum rates:

The desire is to telescope the rates. so that the further you head up, the more you get.

Digger Rates

MOLA Northampton - £17,400 - £18,700
Trent and Peak: £17,299 - £18,299,
Headland Archaeology [B]£17,575-[B]£19,000
AOC Archaeology(London) [B] £19,399
ULAS: [B]£17,528-18031
Oxford Archaeology [B]£17,417 - £17,607


Maybe rising but still poverty line pay for professionals !
monty Wrote:Maybe rising but still poverty line pay for professionals !

It really is terrible money. It is actually embarrassing how poorly paid we generally are.

But hey ho. What can you do?
Get a different job and stop moaning about the pay in Archaeology.
Mike.T. Wrote:Get a different job and stop moaning about the pay in Archaeology.

"I wasn't suggesting a ban on new entrants into Archaeology, just that experienced diggers should get paid what they're worth." Posted by you :face-huh:

"Therein lies the problem. If Contractors realised that skilled diggers DO THE JOB QUICKER AND BETTER than someone who hides in the tea hut all day, then perhaps skilled workers would get paid more. Anyway that's a shoddy excuse. Would a 360 digger driver who's been doing the job for 15 years get paid the same as someone who's just started ? No. In any other profession, apart from Archaeology, experienced workers get paid more." Posted by you :face-huh:

"At below £18,000 pa it's a field archaeologist wage for a job that demands way more responsibility. Not good." Posted by you :face-huh:

"That is the only way things will ever improve pay and condition wise. Get a proper union going, ie not Prospect.

As for HS2 I really don't think that'll drive wages up for the existing..." Posted by you :face-huh:

"Companies who offer shit wages and shit contracts always seem to get the staff though ...." Posted by you :face-huh:

What's up Mike? Finally got a job?
I've always got a job, thanks for your interest though.
At least it's a 'graduate' job, despite the pay, recent figures suggest most graduates fill non-grad roles - although of course it's only archaeology that regards operating a shovel in such high esteem (except IfA...can feel PIfA segregation rant coming on....Sad!)
blah blah blah - broken record
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers

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