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Another newbie joining the ranks!
Looks like I'm going to need a new pensions advisor! :face-crying:
hello mate, your interest in the site will be noted by the people who rule, interest is a top ten winner. Read the information that is available, talk about it with your fellow work people, but don't go into some mental spouting, it will annoy the less informed experienced lags. My advice is to shift any unsightly spoil when you feel you have nothing to do, there is always something to do, get busy, ask questions, been the person who sorts the water, or sets up the lev, bring in a spanner so you can open the fencingfirst thing. Simple things like this will make you be noticed, these simple things will make you an asset to your supervisor, make your self an additional to your supervisor and you are more likely to get some training. This is the truth mate, get busy, there is always something to do. Good luck, its a great job and there are some great people to meet, I wish you well.

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