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Another newbie joining the ranks!
Marc Berger Wrote:Thankfully now that we have NPPF we can do all our archaeology prior to decision utterly without any wsi and cut out the mounties.

Have you ever considered that building a positive working relationship with your local 'mounties' might actually have some benefits?
Sikelgaita Wrote:Have you ever considered that building a positive working relationship with your local 'mounties' might actually have some benefits?

I've been emailed any number of freebies by mounties in the past, and I'm sure no copyright has ever been infringed... Smile

-of course a bit of quid pro quo goes a long way...
That's a remarkably unhelpful attitude you've got there Marc. Also wrong headed, as your interpretation of p128 is way off. If there's to be a HIA (inc a DBA) or an evaluation, it's the Local Planning Authority, advised by their archaeological officer , who will be the ones asking for it. It really isn't for the applicant, or their agent, to do one unilaterally and present it to the LPA without first ascertaining what's required.

Further to that, the WSI is supposed to provide your client and the LPA with a written and agreed scope of works, so that they know exactly what's needed and so that they don't do more than is necessary or proportionate. Your input as an archaeologist is required because the typical applicant will not have the expertise to write one themselves. You seem to forget that you're only in the system at all because your client needs you to act on their behalf. You should therefore be making sure that your client is appropriately represented, and that includes negotiating with the LPA and, crucially, any archaeological adviser the LPA chooses to employ.
Cool, 2 first-posters on one thread, and only page 2! Hi Alastair - and good post:face-approve: :face-approve:
make that 3.
I am interested in Marcs response.
Has Marc Berger withdrawn his comments or have they been moderated? They seem to have disappeared. He didnt seem to like Archaeological officers.
Could be either. Look out for a 4th new poster on this thread sounding like Marc/Unitof1? }Smile

Have you been prudent again Hosty? Or has Marc gone off as a guest of PP at whichever of his villas he's airing this summer? Big Grin
It says on his icon that he (I presume he) is banned. There is an archaeologist in Lincolnshire with that name (googled) would they be the same person?
Is the ban forever?
Carlton Wrote:Is the ban forever?

Let it go man. Let it go......Smile

It's a sad day

No more monkeys for meSad


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