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My standard archaeological condition is:
Condition: No development shall take place within the proposed development site until the applicant, or their agents or their successors in title, has secured the implementation of a programme of archaeological work in accordance with a written scheme of investigation, which has been submitted to the planning authority and approved in writing.

I generally recommend the discharge of a condition when a MAP II assessment has been received together with a letter from the contractor confirming that the developer has reached a legal agreement with them to sufficiently fund the post-excavation works detailed within the assessment. The detail of the production of the assessment is specified within the WSI. I take the confirmation that the unit has reached a legal agreement to complete the works detailed in the MAP II assessment to be the full implementation of the WSI. I have checked that with the various boroughs legal departments and they have all confirmed that it is reasonable.

The key question here is what is development defined as. In most cases, and in most Section 106 agreements development is defined as the commencement of works on site - demolition clearance etc. This does provide an entirely separate set of fun and games as in most cases you have to demolish the building to undertake the archaeological works. Various legal departments have given me a good ‘dunno’ on this one. I am waiting for a site to go belly up to see what will happen, quite exciting really.

With the waiting list to get stuff into print in this part of the world, if the commencement of development works (without taking into account any of the fun and games over legal agreements) the majority would be renewing their permissions, possibly twice, and trying to wack extra floors on or change things each time. Only discharging once I have, even a publication text, is just not an option. All the new buildings would just look horribly old fashioned if this was the case.

I usually have very few turkey requirements.

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