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Are Standards in field Archaeology Slipping
Another thread wanders off the track to die lonely in the undergrowth. Copyright © context inc.

Are standards slipping. it is more about standards enforced and measurable standards created to match a large number of possibilities.

So cleaning a base may be useful sometimes, and not others. Cleaning the sides or a side as well may be useful... so to create a proscriptive standard is going to be difficult, because of the "ah but we will do it this way and save the client time and money" argument and so therefore with 4 ways to skin the same cat and get the same pelt...

Which standard is slipping

Mike.T. Wrote:A good picture ( ie taken by someone with at least basic competence at using a camera ) won't lie, whereas a badly drawn / misinterpreted section drawing will. I would have thought that was obvious.

Camera still needs to be pointing in the right direction and ideally the end product needs to be something you dare show your peers (and ideally one that doesn't leave Joe Public think we all operate in a litter-strewn swamp scattered with discarded tools and empty Coke bottles...). Manys the site report that has ended up with no pics at the back Sad
Wax Wrote:So what is more important meeting the needs of the client (quick, cheap temporal contamination removal) or maintaining and improving the standard of the archaeological resource? Have been hearing a few horror stories lately and am wondering if there has been a general decline in standards. As the tales I am hearing are hear say there is no point complaining to CIFA.

I would have thought that standards are slipping. Pretty big time really.

Curatorial side taking a beating, undercutting getting even worse, staff shortages following a mass cull of experienced staff, more and more 'tied' consultancies.
BAJR Wrote:...So cleaning a base may be useful sometimes, and not others. Cleaning the sides or a side as well may be useful...

'Swell useful on the cemetery some of our guys are digging at the moment - most of the graves are invisible in plan so most of the bodies are turning up either in the side of or under previous ones. Makes one wonder about the 'blank' bits....
Oh, hi RitualCoconut, welcome to our little online gathering Smile
Dinosaur Wrote:Oh, hi RitualCoconut, welcome to our little online gathering Smile

Hey, how's it hanging Dino Cool
there are no blank bits - just bad evaluations
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
P Prentice Wrote:there are no blank bits - just bad evaluations

I take it you don't work for a consultancy?:face-huh:
BAJR is looking into improving standards??? Hardly the responsibilty of a jobs site when the owners own professional standards are VERY much in doubt. When will own up and say why he was ejected from the IFA council???
Probably round about the time you fess up too...

TBH, not being on the IFA council may be more of a plus for his standards at the moment...

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