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Excavation archives as case studies
It used to be. It's now run by the York Museums Trust and only supported by the council financially.
And the collection is owned by the council? They seem to be in the finance business, have you thought of trying to get funding from them. Might help with the student loan?
.....nature was dead and the past does not exist
I'd imagine the collection is owned by the Trust. But this is going rather off-topic and nowhere useful.
Might help with the student loan not useful? Have you tried your local museum not useful? Your hard to please. And I was going to try and look into the insurance implications of you lookin these archives as I could find no mention of insurance in their accounts.

Just out of interest shouldn't you be doing a BSc if you are going to use phrases like " quantitatively assessing quality in excavation" and "test the methodology". Presumably you will be looking to differentiate the quality between diggers?

I don't think the collection is owned by the trust why would you think it is owned by the trust?
.....nature was dead and the past does not exist
As Mark says, the place to go is your local museum service. If the York Archaeological Trust aren't making archives available, then try your next nearest museum service. Unless you are thinking of travelling you might be better phoning around local archaeology companies than asking on here. I think most companies would be reluctant to let you take the archive away but they may send you the digitised archive if the museum they deal with require them to create a digitised copy.
A lot of museums still require microfiched copies and so you may be able to obtain a copy of an archive in that format. Do you need to look at the artefacts as part of your study?
I'm not averse to travelling, although a local source would obviously be more convenient. I don't need to examine artefacts individually, but how they're stored and labeled may be relevant.
Yup, The Yorkshire Museum charges plenty to take archives, and I believe will now only accept published material. Of course their storage issues would be alleviated somewhat if they put some of the stuff that used to be on display back on display? :face-crying:

[they've gone modern, actual things are apparently too complicated for the kiddies so don't bother turning up unless you like touch-screen interactive stuff...]
hello Dino do you know who the charges are paid to? I cant find an obvious account in either the city or the trusts accounts. The council has this to say about the value of new archaeology not sure what they mean by "initially recognised at cost". Do you tell the council how much it cost to produce the archaeology?
.....nature was dead and the past does not exist
Stay on topic people. ... he casts an eye onto Marc!

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