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Is anyone based in Hampshire?
Pick up virtue from everyone
Have you tried the Hampshire Historic Environment Record? They have data online that you can search and just looking up Weston Colley brought up a record for an AS cemetery. I'd probably recommend doing a parish research for AS remains just to make sure you get everything as HER records don't always have village names within the site name. I'd also recommend getting in touch with the HER directly as they will also know of stuff that is not yet available on the online database. They are also likely to hold copies of the more recent excavation reports (and geophizz if available) and may be able to advise on how you get to see copies. For contact details for Hampshire HER and the link to their online database see

jeffpinto Wrote:-I am curious to know if any of you know anything about the Dever Valley in Hampshire (the village of Weston Colley to be precise) and the Anglo-Saxon cemeteries based around there?

This would greatly help my project if any of you have any ideas or can suggest any books or websites or have done any geophysics there

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