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Precision Multi Layer Analysis

I have not posted on here in several years, but I decided to look at some old projects recently to see if problems I had encountered at the time, were resolved.

Precision Multi-Layer Analysis, this a process in the context of what I was working, makes use of data collected by private individuals .
So the precision element is GPS data which measures X and Y to a few mm and costs less than $100.
Multi-Layer is different sensor data
Analysis, the ability accurately overlay data and compare.

When low cost high precision GPS arrives probably in 2017 there is likely to be a large increase in data collected by private individuals that will be of benefit to Archaeology and other disciplines, and where as in the past there would be accuracy and reliability problems, this data will be different due to the precision of GPS.

So the questions I have are

What value would it be to Archaeology?
How would you collect the data?
Am asking on the Facebook BAJR Group

I think that every answer will be different from each group.. HOWEVER... there will be a generic every dataset must have... ( fill in blanks)
Care to explain what revolution is coming in 2017?
I don't really understand the question.....what does Precision Multilayer Analysis mean? My only experience of multilayer analysis is as a scientific technique using X-ray flourescence, whereas this mail seems to suggest some form of spatial recording of landscape.... As for low cost high precision GPS, I will believe that when I see it. Of course it is possible, but I can't really see the current GPS 'suppliers' giving up their cash cow to help a few poor archaeologists out....certainly nopt in the next 18 months anyway
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
barkingdigger Wrote:Care to explain what revolution is coming in 2017?

The ESA constellation of satelites should have a major impact by 2017 in several ways. Two geostationary satellites over Europe, base stations but in space, more satellites to play with, newer technology.

So the next step is high precision GPS mobile phone with data logger and connection ports. Now you have a device that can be used to survey virtually any, air land sea or you can build a custom device all for under 100$. Data collection will explode.
Could you explain Stephen what 'precision multi layer analysis' is ?
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
kevin wooldridge Wrote:Could you explain Stephen what 'precision multi layer analysis' is ?

Sorry for the delay.
'Its all in the detail'

Currently 'big data' is of such variable quality that it can only be used in general terms, areas to be avoid when constructing a road for example. (thanks for that)

When you get down to the 'really small' things change dramatically, its a bit like when the 'really small' corrections were made to the Hubble space telescope the value of the data it then produced was colossal.

James Burke on the 'really small'

Collectively individuals, companies and organisations are going to be producing very precise 'big data' at a low cost. When this data can be access and analysed you wont need to leave your office so much. On a much smaller scale I actually use to work like this in the construction industry. Take the paper drawings of the project, construct a 3d model, survey the site and and feed in asbuit surveys. Every time new drawings arrived I was able to see if they would work without setting foot outside the office because the information I was working with was of a 2mm accuracy.

This is how I see Precision Multi Layer Analysis, its not necessarily a good explanation, more how parts I see of the jigsaw, come into focus.

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