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Looks like HMS Sussex has been 'salvaged'
Unless the ship they thought was the Sussex actually turned out to be another ship... carefully excavated of course.. and amusingly named after the Pirates of the Carribean - Black Swan (now that would be a find!)

It does them no favours to keep these secrets... my money is on another ship that they thought was the Sussex..

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
It is not the Sussex according to their website. They do state that they will be recomencing opperations on the Sussex after they appoint two Spanish archaeologists. Aparently they have been using Cornwall as a refit base during the 'Black Swan' so it points to an Atlantic wreck.

Their statement on archaeology: Yes. The "Black Swan" site was the subject of an extensive pre-disturbance survey prior to any excavation. Recovery of the artifacts recovered to date has been accomplished under the supervision of two archaeologists and has followed rigorous archaeological protocols.

These are the guys who did the S.S.Republic and specialise in deep water salvage projects. It's all ROV work.
Sorry, forgot to add their link
"Giffords to ensure that standards are met......." Im sorry, I have just wet myself and have to go and get changed.Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin My apologies-that was entirely uncalled for.What I actually meant to point out was that someone had inadvertantly miss-spelled "savaged".

..knowledge without action is insanity and action without knowledge is vanity..(imam ghazali,ayyuhal-walad)
Just checked Oddysey Marines website. It is definately not the Sussex. As the Sussex can be accessed all year they are on hold as they work on this Atlantic wreck. They haven't named the ship as there seems to be some confusion over the identity but after further research they will release it's name. Sussex is on hold pending the appointment of qualified(?) archaeological staff.
It will be interesting to see just how the project was carried out, who carried it out.. and what was recovered to add to archaeology.. Until then...................

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
Well this adds an interesting bit.
What do you reckon this does for Volvo??
Maybe Volvo should just have stuck to David Blaine driving one off a cliff.

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