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THe BAJR Grand tour
Seen many of you already... a nd about to head to Wales Next week, before it is Se England and then Scotland.

If I have seen you... hello! It was great... if not... Hello... I will...

All about this:


  1. Minima Rates.
  2. Training and Skills - and defining the requirements for a basic level digger
  3. Inability to directly compare the other benefits offered by Companies
  4. Need to promote archaeology directly to developers. Good news stories, to drag them out of teh Archaeology costs/ slows me down / is of no benefit. ( Did you know that Housing Units sold 30% faster on sites with archaeology promoted..? OR that cost savings to early archaeology can be over £200k? or that communities are more likely to be supportive of development IF there is archaeology carried out first and schools are involved? About time somebody told developers!

On the road..!

The basis of the new BAJR Direction are as follows:

  1. A Single Minimum Rate starting for G2 staff based on an industry wide ‘standard’
  2. No other minima
  3. A UK regional ‘current going rate’ for Fieldstaff, Supervisors and Project Officers (updated every month and displayed on BAJR.
  4. A tie in with archaeology skills passport for training and skill assessment
  5. A reactive update for Company data list to allow other less obvious benefits to be highlighted and/or changed.
  6. A full news service collating all Archaeology News across the sector, Projects, Industry News (including Construction related), Training Opportunities. ( currently online here: )
Sorry Hosty, missed you when you visited last week :face-crying:

Hope it was useful - couldn't see any broken furniture when I got back to the office, anyway Big Grin
I missed you too! Sad
flip... now you won't know how devilishly handsome I was
That's an interesting fact that sites with archaeology promoted lead to houses selling 30% faster. I'm sure that a lot of developers aren't aware of that. Most just see us as a pain.
Mike.T. Wrote:That's an interesting fact that sites with archaeology promoted lead to houses selling 30% faster. I'm sure that a lot of developers aren't aware of that. Most just see us as a pain.

fact might be overstating it
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
Yep you may have to qualify that one with some science hosty.

Two associated measurements doesn't nesssarily mean cause and effect.

For instance most car accidents happen at low speeds, usually below 30mph. Therefore we should immediately institute a minimum speed limit of 30mph to reduce accidents.

I'm sure you've got data to back it up..................but could it be that instead 'developments that are promoted in some way lead to houses selling 30% faster'
'Attractive' developments are often in or immediately adjacent to desirable locations like historic village centres or prime city-centre locations, where obviously there is a higher tendency for archaeological planning conditions - simples Smile
P Prentice Wrote:fact might be overstating it

Fair point.

I can't see buyers rushing to buy a property just because an Iron Age roundhouse was destroyed in the process of building it.
I will be gathering more of this data.

Which looks at both the community benefits and the developer benefits.

Archaeology as a "good thing" as opposed to an impediment/unwelcome tax/redtape/cost implication/site closure etc. Negative reinforcement of what archaeology "is" even communities often use archaeology not for a positve goal, but as a crowbar for stopping a development. We have to get away from the apologetic we do archaeology for insert trope..... and be confident on the positive - real and tangible aspects of archaeology ... Been collecting several examples of where archaeology is either a positive benefit OR that compalints that archaeology held up a development OR cost teh developer mone OR that archaeology costs were crippling a development are quite frankly not true, but used as a smokescreen for other issues. And don't even get me started on the Client confidentiality block on any news coming out/ I mean STOP... just stop for a moment and ask how exactly the discovery of a field system and Roman kiln would harm the developers chances of continuing.! I mean really.. FFS. WE have to work together to promote archaeology as a development/community/academic benefit.

I will be off for my dried frog medicine now. but I tell you... as you drive up and down the country... you sure have plenty of time to think!

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