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THe BAJR Grand tour
Seen many of you already... a nd about to head to Wales Next week, before it is Se England and then Scotland.

If I have seen you... hello! It was great... if not... Hello... I will...

All about this:


  1. Minima Rates.
  2. Training and Skills - and defining the requirements for a basic level digger
  3. Inability to directly compare the other benefits offered by Companies
  4. Need to promote archaeology directly to developers. Good news stories, to drag them out of teh Archaeology costs/ slows me down / is of no benefit. ( Did you know that Housing Units sold 30% faster on sites with archaeology promoted..? OR that cost savings to early archaeology can be over £200k? or that communities are more likely to be supportive of development IF there is archaeology carried out first and schools are involved? About time somebody told developers!

On the road..!

The basis of the new BAJR Direction are as follows:

  1. A Single Minimum Rate starting for G2 staff based on an industry wide ‘standard’
  2. No other minima
  3. A UK regional ‘current going rate’ for Fieldstaff, Supervisors and Project Officers (updated every month and displayed on BAJR.
  4. A tie in with archaeology skills passport for training and skill assessment
  5. A reactive update for Company data list to allow other less obvious benefits to be highlighted and/or changed.
  6. A full news service collating all Archaeology News across the sector, Projects, Industry News (including Construction related), Training Opportunities. ( currently online here: )

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THe BAJR Grand tour - by BAJR - 27th January 2015, 08:48 PM

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