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subsistance payments
This is my understanding and is prob not correct!

1) Travel to work to normal place of work is always taxable

4) Travel during work hours - not taxable but see below
5) Mileage allowance for cars - the profit from this is taxable


(David this would be useful but I think we need a separate thread and guidance from the Revenue!)
I see now what the beef was. Seems like a very specific set of circumstances.

And before Sparky starts a lynch mob, I was not suggesting that overnight subsistence is not paid. I agree entirely it has to be clear what it is for and the choice then lies with the employee how to spend it, whether it be beans on toast, fish and chips or a pub meal. Most large companies certainly now seem to have settled on this method of dealing with away work.

It is also sensible for the employee to ensure they know what terms and conditions they will be working under before they take a job.

As an explanation about client charging - you only put in for accommodation and subs for away jobs (which traditionally means local contractors should always have a price edge if work is tendered). Costs can vary immensely for accommodation depending on time of year, location (try getting it in holiday locations in school holidays at less than an arm and a leg). All have to be factored in to covering costs.


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