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Health, Safety and Pregnancy
Quote:quote:Originally posted by Post-Med Potterer
What actually [u]is</u> bizarre is some months ago at a health and safety training session I was told that I should produce a pregnant workers' risk assessment for [u]every woman</u> on my staff regardless of whether they were pregnant or not 'just in case'.

Bizarre maybe, but the regulations (see my post of yesterday 13.3:face-thinks:
do appear to support the advice given at your training session.

I was surprised when I came across this regulation because I haven't heard of an archaeological employer that has carried out an across the board risk assessment of the tasks undertaken by all of their female workforce of child bearing age. However, perhaps they should because the regulation seems absolutely cut and dried.

My main worry with this is, if as archaeologists we have missed a health and safety regulation that affects all of the women in the workforce, how many other regulations might we have missed?

Does anyone know whether this regulation is referenced in the SCAUM H&S guide? (not being an employer, I don't have a copy).


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