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One Minima to Rule them All
Dunno, who sent the survey out? And we're hardly the only reasonable-sized unit in the NE? ASDU for one. Essentially it just lists 'regional offices', i.e. southern units filled in the questionnaire down south, hardly reflects what actually happens in the NE region, where the vast majority of work is done by local contractors of all sizes
If you are referring to this

then maybe it was these that sent the survey out

Bob Hook with Duncan Brown, Owain Lloyd-James, Roger Thomas and Jim Williams

And to clarify they further identify themselves with

Quote:Who are they?
The average age of a working archaeologist in 2012‐13 was 42, an increase of four years since 2007-08. By comparison, the average age of the whole UK workforce was 40.5 years. 46% of archaeologists were female and 54% were male. This compares to 47% female 53% male across the whole UK workforce in all occupations.

The archaeological workforce does not reflect the diversity of the overall working population: in 2012‐13 99% of working archaeologists were white. This contrasts with the entire UK workforce of whom 13% were of black or minority ethnic origins. The proportion of people with disabilities working in archaeology is also low at a continued 2%. For comparison 7% of the entire UK workforce was disabled.

93% of archaeologists working in the UK in 2012‐13 were from the UK, 3% were from elsewhere in the European Union, less than 1% were from non‐EU Europe and 4% from elsewhere in the world. This represented a relative decrease in the number of archaeologists from non‐UK European Union countries (5% of the working population in 2007‐08), and a relative increase in the number of archaeologists from elsewhere in the world (2% in 2007‐08). However, as the total number of working archaeologists had fallen considerably, the absolute numbers of archaeologists from outside the UK had also fallen.
.....nature was dead and the past does not exist
That's the one - interesting read. They seem to have missed a few infrastructure projects though (e.g. the A1 north of Morpeth, that won't be cheap! - although doubtless it will get cancelled again), but presumably they had to restrict themselves to the ones that are currently official?
but there is xxxxxx (naming a specific county) which as far as I can ascertain provides employment for a pet dba jockey once every five years to say what a wonderful scam it is ( suggesting this is a scam... which is a legal term and by definition means - a dishonest scheme; a fraud. )and that it would be nice to have some kind of policy and mix in the word archaeology in the eia and then disappear back down beyond the Watford gap never to be seen or heard of again.

BAJR EDITS ::: Just a public warning that you seem to have forgotten the rules. And no there is no appeal ... just don't . I am close to closing this forum down. and Any further comments like this will result in this forum being shut.

.....nature was dead and the past does not exist

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