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Tay and Fife Archaeology Conference
Turns out you can't post more than one video in a post- so second video

You got it Smile
Good set Doug. I think that you are setting a good bench mark of how it should be done. Only slight quibble is that the females of the species seem to get more body space than the males, is it to dodge bullets?
.....nature was dead and the past does not exist
Had not noticed that until you raised it. Spacing is determined by the slides. If there is more white (or whatever color) space on the slides I move them over more to the left so that you can see more of the speaker (that part of the slide is cut off). In this case the men crammed more into their slides near the edges so I couldn't cut as much of the slide. Not sure if that is a male-female dynamic or just this particular conference.

Sharp eye.
Master that can of worms and the world is your oyster. It's not a male or female dynamic by the way. Could be left or right brain ness or it could turn out that I am a philanthropissed.

Obviously if the speckers know in advance about the split screen proportions and scale they could maximis the slide dimension use against formal physical presentation and retoric. do you put some marks on the floor behind the rostrum and tell them to stay within? You could then add bit of limelight.....dramatic music and introduction.....Might only need a few battery run LEDs. Make them feel special.
.....nature was dead and the past does not exist
I am actually looking into stage fire works so when they say that's all ... BOOM they leave like the rockstars they are Wink. Joking aside there are lights that can be set up to get the best lighting for speakers. They are on my wish list. Currently working out some small fees so I can get some money to buy the equipment I need.

Staying in place- the best thing is a podium and non-lapel mic. It pretty much locks them in place. But, that is based on venues and such so out of my control.

Slides- a bit like herding cats. Everyone is so busy it just becomes a drag. However, last weekend I filmed SCHC and changed software so I can scale the images properly. That means no more trying to fiddle with moving images over and what not. I can scale them to all fit nicely in the final video. Should be postings those here soon. You can tell me if it makes a difference.

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