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industry owned’ group - deals with Pay and conditions.
Institute for Archaeologists (IfA), Federation of Archaeological Managers and Employers (FAME) and Prospect have been working together as part of a wider remuneration working group convened by IfA to consider how best to facilitate an industry approach to improving pay and cindustry owned’ group onditions. Following on from presentations made by all three organisations at an Open Forum meeting at the IfA Conference in 2013, a joint statement has been agreed committing each organisation to working together to address the issues. In support of this joint statement, IfA has also issued an Action plan
2014‐2016 detailing specific actions which it will undertake over the next two years in support of the
joint statement.

In a move towards an industry wide approach, the IfA convened working party is being disbanded and a new ‘industry owned’ group will be formed. This will initially comprise representatives of the three organisations but may be expanded to bring in other members with an interest or expertise in improving pay and conditions for archaeologists.

10 July 2014

We believe low pay damages our profession and weakens our standing with allied professionals. It hampers our ability to recruit the archaeologists of the future, and to retain and motivate the archaeologists of today.

We have different perspectives on the problem of low pay but share a common interest in ensuring a healthy future for the profession.

We agree that the profession as a whole has a collective responsibility for addressing the problem and that each organisation should encourage its members to work together to find solutions.

In support of this, IfA, FAME and Prospect are committed to

• helping organisations to develop and demonstrate the skills needed in order to ensure the required standards of professional practice, and to value and reward those skills appropriately

• promoting archaeology as a highly skilled profession worthy of recognition and reward equivalent to those of the professions we work alongside
• addressing failures in the market by advocating policy and regulatory change, by helping

buyers of archaeological services to make informed decisions based on quality and value as well as cost and by informing clients why it is in their best interest to use suitably‐accredited organizations and archaeologists
• ensuring employees are informed about their employment rights (in particular their right to

join a trade union), are treated with respect in the workplace and that the employee voice plays a key role within the profession

Our organisations will therefore publish programmes of work designed to improve the working and business environment for archaeology, and will coordinate that work through a working group.

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