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Review of the National Heritage Protection Plan
Review of the National Heritage Protection Plan

On this page you can learn about the findings of the current review of the National Heritage Protection Plan and the next steps towards a new Plan.

The National Heritage Protection Plan (NHPP) has been developed to co-ordinate the activity that goes on to protect and promote England’s historic environment. Recently, on behalf of the heritage sector, English Heritage commissioned a consultation on what the future priorities should be.

The consultation ran from March to May 2014, with 915 replies to the online survey (364 of which completed all questions), 13 workshops attended by 317 people and 36 in depth telephone interviews undertaken.

Headline Findings

The full report can be downloaded from the right hand side of this page, below is a summary of the key points.
  • There is broad support for having a unifying framework that identifies the most important things to be done and 56% of online respondents felt it was clear what the current plan aimed to achieve.
  • There is general agreement that the right opportunities, threats and priorities for heritage have been identified.
  • There needs to be more clarity on the roles and responsibilities of the organisations.
  • People and organisations would like to find out more about how to get involved.
  • The presentation and language of the NHPP need to be clearer.
You can also gain a brief overview of findings through a presentation made by Jura Consultants.

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